Buying a house for the first time?

My own experience buying real estate has made me sympathetic to the importance of finding a broker who will ask the right questions and listen closely to the answers. Though real estate can be stressful, I help my clients enjoy the process by being energetic, accessible, and attentive. I pride myself on the ability to create a seamless and stress-free transaction.

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Is Staging Really Necessary?

If you work with me, my goal is to make things so easy all you have to do is choose the best offer and sign the contract. I will do the rest. I am one of the most passionate, engaged real estate professionals in Orange County, with sales over 100 million dollars. My secret? I make sure my listings are the best marketed, best looking properties available and are never overpriced. The result is multiple offers that create competition and extract the highest value for your home. 

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Hiring the Right Agent to Sell Your Home

For over twelve years I’ve been helping sellers prepare, price, and bring their homes to market. There is an art to this which can be summed up in two words: preparation and strategy. My team and I come to our first appointment with a thoughtfully designed selling plan customized for your property.

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